Update on our family.

Hey everyone. We’ve been getting ready for the holidays. I am making so much foods for thanksgiving. Oh wow thanksgiving snuck right up on us. It’s next week. I’ll be making everything homemade. A Turkey, Dressing, corn bread dressing, brocolli cheese casserole, hashbrown casserole, Apple pie, pecan pie, pumpkin pie, chocolate pie and a banana cream pie. A huge surprise about me and channing and Mia. I stopped eatting all meats except seafood and fish due to health issues. Channing and Mia was watching YouTube and came across a video called earthling’s when they was looking up animals. They watched the movie and then came crying to me. We talked about the movie and both decided they do not want to eat meats again either. Small steps and I am sure my husband and oldest daughter will feel the same. My whole family likes the foods I’ve been cooking. I’ve even made seitan. It turned out great. I’ve made shrimp taco’s. If you all would like me to start posting more recipes please let me know.
P.S. I’ve also given up shopping in stores. To many people to deal with in stores. Now I order my groceries online and go to Wal-Mart and pick them up. You can sign up here and save $10 off your first order.


Shopping online for groceries and save $10.

Do you have children that run around the store or ask you to buy them everything or throw a fit when you tell them no??? Do you have a busy life and don’t really like spending your extra time grocery shopping? For us Wal-Mart grocery makes life so much easier. Fresh produce, to hair care and so much more.

It’s so easy to shop online for groceries and pay online thru PayPal or there secure site. Pick your day and time to pick up your groceries. And they’ll email you when your items are ready. You go to store and check in thru the Wal-Mart grocery app. The orange picture above is what the Wal-Mart grocery app will look like in your phone. It’s available in iOS and Google play. Sign up here to save $10.00 off your first order.

We’re changing our eating habits.

We’re gonna be vegetarians. My whole family is as excited as I am. In the last month I’ve been having problems digesting meats. It’s to the point I am in to much pain to eat meats anymore. I talked with a friend who was having Same problems and she tried organic meats and it didn’t help her at all. So we’re looking for meat substitutes. Please leave us comments below on meat substitutes that you have tried and liked.